Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients do you use in your cookies?

I've based my business on a cookie recipe I've honed for years. It's not a "secret" recipe because, let's be honest, there are only so many ways to combine butter, sugar and flour, but it's the quality of the ingredients that makes these cookies so yummy.

I use only unbleached flour, the highest quality vanilla, and the freshest eggs I can find. So fresh, in fact, that sometimes I can point out the chicken who provided the eggs for your order. That's how we roll out here in the country.

Note: We do not currently offer a gluten-free version

Tell me about sugar sculpture.

Sea turtle fondant sculpture on a seafoam blue-frosted german chocolate cupcakeFor embellishments, consider sugar sculptures. Made from homemade fondant (much tastier than what you're remembering) or modeling chocolate, these edible figurines can be customized for any occasion. Cake decorations, cupcake toppers, etc. - the sky is the limit.

What do they cost?

Cookie prices start at $3 per cookie, and go up depending on the intricacy of the design. Please request a quote, and include all the detail you can for the most accurate estimate.

General personalization is included in the price (names, likenesses of recipients, etc.). If you wish to have names on your order, please include those in your email for spelling purposes.

Tip: Consider custom made stencils if you require a large number of identical or specific cookies made (your company logo, for example).

What cutters do you have? What can my cookies look like?

I have hundreds of cutters in every size and shape, but for a more unique experience, consider having a custom cutter made. If you can dream it up, I can probably make it for you. Prices for a medium-sized (3" approx.) custom cutter start at $15.

If cost is an issue, consider ordering a few fancy cookies as the focal point, then filling in with simpler, less time-consuming (and therefore less expensive) cookies.

Be creative! The best cookies are the ones planned with the most imagination. Unicorns and mermaids playing baseball? Sure! Space aliens reading library books? Why not?

What can cookies be used for?

Almost everything! Favors at parties and showers, thoughtful customized gifts for friends & family, prizes, place-cards at dinner parties, rewards for good grades or behavior, memorable contact pieces at business meetings or trade shows, or just a treat for your family and friends.

How are the cookies packaged?

Packaged cookies with custom tagsYour cookies can be individually packaged in a clear cellophane bag with a matching ribbon, or unwrapped in a box. For wrapped cookies, customized tags with a greeting or poem are a great way to add even more character to your order. You can provide these, or I'll be happy to assist in brainstorming/poety-writing (but be warned: I have a penchant for both limericks and haiku).

Do you ship cookies?

Yes, but keep in mind that some cookies hold up much better than others during shipping. The simpler the better; cookies with parts sticking out are discouraged. A round or square cookie will arrive intact, but an order of Elvises (Elvii?) will likely arrive with a few pompadoured heads missing.

When should I order?

The sooner the better. Although I never make cookies more than a few days ahead, certain times get filled up quickly (holidays and wedding shower weekends are popular). Individually packaged cookies will stay fresh for up to 2 weeks.

Please order at least two weeks in advance. If the schedule can accommodate, rush orders may be filled; fill out the ordering information form to request your spot.

I ate too many cookies and I have a tummy ache. What should I do?

Sip some water and have a nap. Next time remember that, in the immortal words of a certain blue fuzzy monster, cookies are a "sometimes food."

Do you offer cupcakes?

Not generally, but I have been known to whip up a few dozen now and then (Popular flavors include Guinness, Blue Moon and Maple-Bacon. I should call them Vice-cakes). If you are looking for cupcakes, fill out the inquiry form and perhaps we can work something out.

Do you offer cakes?

Not at this time. Cakes are such a huge undertaking for just one piece, they make me nervous. {My one exception to this rule is Cthulhu. I've been wanting to make a Cthulhu cake for ages. If you need one let me know. Sadly, I can't find a R'lyehian word for "confection."}